We process only DEBONED venison.

Updated pricing coming soon…

Burger grinding ($5.00 minimum)

  • Grind only
  • Package & Freeze – paper wrap or vacuum sealed

Additions to burger:

  • Beef or Pork fat
  • Ground Chuck
  • Pork Butt
  • Breakfast Saus.
  • Bacon

Specialty Meats: (5 lb. minimum order)

  • Jerky (whole muscle)
  • Snack Stix (Teriyaki or Pepper)
  • Brats (reg only)
  • Smoked Polish or smoked Italian
  • Fresh Polish or fresh Italian
  • Summer Sausage

(Add cheese to any of the above )

Vacuum Seal any specialty product

Please Note: We will be happy to process any of your meat into specialty products. However, because we are so busy for the holidays, be aware that all meat that comes in to us after Nov. 15 will be processed after Jan. 1. All specialty meat will be labeled and put in the freezer, then pulled for processing in the order it came in. Also, in order for us to guarantee that your meat will be isolated and processed alone, you must have a minimum amount of 20lbs. for any single product.